Using Climb Glacier on the Mount Siyeh route.

Using Climb Glacier on the Mount Siyeh route.

We’ll Help You Find Your Way!

Climb Glacier National Park is an illustrated guidebook for off-trail travel and summiting mountains in Glacier National Park.  The guidebook series currently features routes to 55 peaks in three volumes.

Climb Glacier National Park solves the problems of route finding in Glacier National Park.  The nature of climbing as well as much of the terrain has changed since the first guidebook for climbing was written in 1960.

We believe it is more than a guidebook series.  We think of the books as modern tools for off-trail travel in Glacier National Park.

Don’t just take our word for it, here is what our readers are saying.

Jason said – “Great Book!  Just picked it up today.  The pictures make for a nice improvement over Edward’s guide.”

Desiree wrote – “Awesome book!  I can’t put it down and can’t wait to use it this summer.”

Another wrote – “Just purchased the book yesterday and I could’t put it down.  Thank you — you’ve inspired me to try some new climbs.”

Stacy said – “Awesome book and if you climb like I do this is a must have in your backpack.”

Stacy also wrote – “We climbed Mataphi … a great photo in your book showed a large flat rock in the Piegan Pass trail indicating the spot to leave the trail.  This was a big help.”

Another group using Climb Glacier on the route to Mount Siyeh's summit.

Another group using Climb Glacier on the route to Mount Siyeh’s summit.

John posted – “Got your book on Friday, climbed Siyeh today.  Great resource.”

Kevin said - “Had no problem finding the route.  The description and photos were very easy to understand.”

Kramer wrote – I can think of many occasions when my family and I pulled a Climb Glacier National Park guidebook out of our packs during a climb to make sure we were on the correct route. The compact size and durable construction of the book makes it easy to throw into a pack without worry of any damage being done.  As someone who enjoys researching and planning a climb, I love how these guidebooks have all of the history, maps, routes, photos and GPS way points one would need to successfully climb many of the peaks in GNP.  All of the aforementioned are presented in a thorough, logical format that is easy to follow.

I don’t want to climb mountains!

We encourage readers to Turn Around … When You Want To.  We really mean that.

Glacier National Park is a great place to summit mountains, but we know that many readers have no desire to get to the top of a mountain.  With this guidebook series you can go as far as you feel comfortable and then simply turn around.  What you loose is nothing and what you gain is a great alpine experience in the Crown of the Continent.

off-trail   (awf-treyl), adjective, adverb

away from a path or trail: off-trail hiking; to wander off-trail.

What is off-trail travel like in Glacier?

To some people off-trail travel in Glacier National Park means hiking on climber’s trails.  Other folks enjoy walking on along ridge lines.  Some go for scrambling through short sections of cliffs or traversing across or ascending scree slopes to reach the summits.  It is all up to you and what you want to experience.

Generally, off-trail travelers in Glacier use trekking poles and carry a day pack with their lunch, water and rain gear.  Of course, they take a camera and other personal items.  See our Equipment List in Resources for more details.

What about climbing to a summit?

Reaching a summit in Glacier National Park is not like climbing in Yosemite, Zion, or even like climbing walls at the local gym.   It does not mean using ropes and dangling over thousands of feet of exposure.

Glacier National Park does not have good rock, like the granite of Yosemite and even the sandstone in Zion, for sport or big wall climbing.  The rock here is sedimentary in nature and it is difficult to set good anchors.  It breaks easily and is quite loose.  There are just a handful of peaks that require ropes and specialized climbing gear.  This guidebook series does not feature routes on the technical peaks of Glacier National Park.

Reaching a summit is all about combining a set of skills and traveling through varied terrain to reach the top.

DSCN6749Is This Series For You?

  • Have you hiked on a trail?
  • Have you traveled off-trail?  Or do you want to?
  • Do you want to know the park in a different way?
  • Are you wanting to see Glacier away from the pavement?
  • Do you like being away from the crowds?
  • Are you ready for a new kind of adventure?
  • Do you want to climb a mountain in Glacier?

If any of your answers are Yes this series is meant for you.

That is what Climb Glacier National Park is all about!

Is Climb Glacier National Park For You?

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  1. lani August 22, 2014 at 12:59 am #

    My husband & I love the books. It has enabled us collectively to climb 11 of the peaks featured in the series. Hopefully many more to come.
    I hope you will include at least part of the famous Ptarmigan goat trail, Allen, Iceberg notch, Shangrila, & Bullhead point in the upcoming book.

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