Videos from Climb Glacier

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South Iceberg Peak, Volume 3

Peak Identification from Mount Oberlin, Volume 1

A first peak for many climbers but do you know the names of the surrounding peaks?

Swiftcurrent Mountain, Volume 3

This is a trail hike all the way from Granite Park and the views are some of the best in the park. The park’s highest lookout is located at this summit.

Reynolds Mountain, October 2013, Volume 1

Does it get much better than this?  This was one of the guys in the video, Phill Christianson, first summit in Glacier National Park.  He said it was “awesome” and I agree.

Mount Brown, August 2012

Take a look at the ridgeline between the Mount Brown Lookout and the summit.

 Turned Around on Mount Brown, 2011

Some days it is best just to turn around like Dr. Scott Burry and Austin Hughes did on Mount Brown.

Pollock Mountain, September 2013

Check out the view of Logan Pass from just below the summit.

Heavens Peak Crux 1, August 2012

There are a lot of waterfalls on this route and some challenging climbing.  Not a beginning route.

Edwards Mountain

There are a number of options for scrambling on final ridge to the summit of Edwards Mountain.

Mount Brown Peak Identification, Volume 3

There are a lot of peaks to be seen from Mount Brown.