Mount Siyeh

Headers On RouteMount Siyeh is Glacier National Park’s most accessible 10,000-foot peak and it may be the easiest of them to climb.

Rewarding 360° views await those who reach the summit.

Perhaps the most spectacular part of this climb is the 4,104-foot (1,251 m) drop from the summit of Mount Siyeh to turquoise blue Cracker Lake below.

The Blackfeet word “siyeh” refers to a rabid or mad animal. In geology, the “Siyeh formation”, a greenish diorite, is a combination of dolomite and limestone, which frequently contains fossilized algae.

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There are five routes to the summit.

Mount Siyeh from a ridge on Piegan Mountain

Mount Siyeh from a ridge on Piegan Mountain

A class III (4) route, The Piegan Pass Route, climbs the west slope from near Piegan Pass.

A long ridge walk, The Skyline Experience, begins at Many Glacier.

The West Couloir Route, more frequently used for descent, is located near Cataract Mountain.

Finally, The North Face Route climbs straight up the north face and is a Class VI climb. The North Face of Siyeh has only been climbed a few times!

The South Slope Route is the most popular route to the summit of Mount Siyeh and is an excellent way for climbers to reach their first 10,000-foot summit in Glacier National Park.

Description: A Superb Route On Glacier’s Most Accessible 10,000 Footer. This Is A Must Climb For Every Glacier Mountaineer!

  • Difficulty: Challenging
  • G.M.S. Climb Rating: Class II (3) MM
  • Time Required: 8 – 12 hours
  • Season: July to October
  • One-way Distance: 5.5 miles / 8.8 kilometers
  • Elevation Gained: 4,164 feet / 1,269 meters
  • Elevation: 10,014 feet / 3,052 meters
  • Rank in Height: 5 / 234
  • Trailhead: Siyeh Bend
  • U.S.G.S. Topo Map: Logan Pass
  • First Recorded Ascent: 1914 by the Seattle Mountaineers

See Rating Your Adventure for information about difficulty and climbing ratings.

The route for Mount Siyeh is found in Volume 1 of Climb Glacier National Park.

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