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2 thoughts on “Social Media

  1. Richard Chauvin Jr.

    Do you know how Old Man Lake got its name? I am curious. I first hiked there with my brother in 1972, and loved the scenery there. I plan to return in September.

    1. Blake Post author

      Richard – this is a great question.

      Oldman Lake was named for the mythical Old Man from Blackfeet religion.

      James W. Schultz wrote that Old Man was greatest god of the Blackfeet tribes.

      The Blackfeet also called him Napi. This is the very same Napi of Napi Point and Napi Rock.

      The Blackfeet believed that Old Man made the world and all life upon it; he performed miracles; and at the same time was the trickster of no little cruelty.

      Enjoy your trip and keep a look out for Napi!


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