Up On The Roof: Views from Glacier’s High Places

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Enjoy 50 inspiring panoramas from Glacier National Parks high places.

Up On The Roof features views from Glacier’s summits as well as peak identification so you can start to understand the lay of the land.  Views of the vistas from the summits will surely bring a smile to any park aficionado.

This 112 page book is 8 x 9 inches and is full color.

Please take a look at the additional images from the book.


The author has been privileged to see views of Glacier National Park that most visitors never see.

Up On The Roof  has 50 panoramas from high places in Glacier National Park.  You will enjoy views from Iceberg Peak, Reynolds Mountain, Mount Merritt, Rising Wolf Mountain, Mount Cleveland and many more.

I have done the work of reaching the summits so you can enjoy the views of the Crown of the Continent.  Expect to see glaciers, lakes and sweeping vistas.

Each of the 50 panoramas also has a key to identify the peaks that are seen from the summit as well as a bit of interesting history or a small bit of information about the place seen in the photo.

Here is what Denis Twohig, founding member of the Glacier Mountaineering Society and frequent contributor to the Glacier Mountaineering Society Journal had to say about Up On The Roof.

Jaw-Dropping! Awesome! Spectacular! Just three of the many superlatives that have been used to characterize the extraordinary scenery of Glacier National Park!  The great naturalist John Muir referred to Glacier as “the best care killing scenery on the continent, and Dr. Lyman Sperry, early Glacier explorer wrote, “… I have never seen elsewhere, either in the Rockies, the Cascades, the Sierras, or the Alps, mountain scenery surpassing in real grandeur that which forms “The Crown of the Continent.”

As a mountain climber I have had the good fortune of pursuing my favorite pastime in this multifaceted world-class mountain region of jagged peaks and towering waterfalls, pristine lakes and glaciers, lush alpine meadows blanketed with colorful wildflowers and being overwhelmed by the panoramas that reveal themselves upon reaching my summit destinations. A commonly used term for these eye-popping revelations is Sensory Overload!

Blake Passmore’s new book, Up On The Roof captures many of these summit panoramas for the arm-chair Glacier aficionado to enjoy as well as the Glacier scrambler to recall and savor. In the tradition of the European panoramas the peaks are identified, but with a twist. Author, Blake Passmore has developed a unique method of identifying the prominent peaks in the photo without cluttering the photos with lines and text.

Up On The Roof not only provides the reader with wonderful photos, but is a superb reference to identifying the peaks of Glacier. Enjoy!




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