Course Corrections:

We found some errors in our first two volumes.  There are inaccuracies in the GPS Waypoints and the UTM Coordinates. Please download these the Course Corrections files and use them if you are planning on using a GPS for navigation.

Volume 1 Corrections          Volume 2 Corrections

Resources in PDF Format:

Download them and use them.

Conditioning For Glacier by Dr. Brad Roy

Brad has the degrees to back up what he is recommending here as far as nutrition and training for tackling Glacier’s off-trail terrain.  Start a training plan before you come out and you will have a great time.

Emergencies in Glacier by Dr. John VanArendonk

Van gives information about how to deal with emergent situations in Glacier.  From contacting authorities to what to have in your pack at all times.  There is some great stuff in here.

Equipment Lists

What you need to carry while traveling off-trail.  Divide the necessary gear amongst your group to lighten the load but have it along just in case.

Everyone should carry their rain jacket and pants at all times.

Read why we recommend wearing a helmet on these routes.

 Surviving In Glacier by Dr. Scott Burry

Scott discusses various scenarios that could happen while traveling in the backcountry and what some of the survival options could be for each scenario.

Other Important Glacier National Park Links


There is all kinds of Glacier National Park juiciness in this site from Hike734.

Go visit Hike734 but come back here as well.  You need Hike734 and Climb Glacier National Park to experience all of the on-trail and off-trail goodness of Glacier National Park.

Glacier National Park

The official website for the BEST park in the world.

Glacier National Park Conservancy

Look here for more resources to make your trip even better.

Xanterra – Glacier

Looking for lodging at one of Glacier’s historic hotels?

Visit Montana

The official tourism site for great state of Montana.

Glacier Mountaineering Society

 Join GMS and make some new friends who share your passion for Glacier National Park’s alpine wonderland.