Is Climb Glacier For Me?

This climbing guidebook series is based on the concept of See The Route … Follow The Route.  We believe that a picture says it all and the route descriptions contain red-lines drawn on photos to help guide you to the summits using a safe route.

Each book in the series features:

– Route descriptions with photos marked with red-lines to help you safely reach the summit.

– GPS and UTM Waypoints for simpler navigation.

– A brief history about the peak.

– Route statistics such as distance, elevation gain, trailhead, route ratings and colored topo map.

– Peak identification from the summits.

– Additional Options for even more exploration.

– Return route recommendations and warnings.

The guidebooks are written for readers that have never traveled off-trail.  Each route is marked with a red line which guides the climber on a safe route to the summit.

The red line is not meant to imply that this is only route to each summit.  It is also not meant to take away any spirit of adventure that all off-trail travelers possess.


The red line shows a safe way to travel off-trail.

Climb Glacier National Park helps you find your way with the Red-Line Route as seen in the photo on the right.

The Climb Glacier National Park outdoor guidebook series helps readers reach the summits of Glacier’s classic peaks such as Reynolds Mountain, Heavens Peak, Going-to-the-Sun Mountain, Mount Siyeh, Rising Wolf Mountain, Iceberg Peak, Sinopah Mountain, Grinnell Point, Allen Mountain, and many others.

Where Do You Want To Explore?

Pick the area of Glacier National Park that you want to explore.  Each volume feature peaks in different areas in Glacier National Park.  Take a look inside each volume to find the areas you want to explore.  Soon you will be enjoying off-trail views in Glacier National Park.

Here are the volumes and areas that they cover.

Volume 1: Logan Pass, The Garden Wall, and Siyeh Bend

This is a great place to start traveling off-trail in Glacier National Park. This book has the routes up Reynolds Mountain and Mount Siyeh.

Volume 2: The Two Medicine Valley and Firebrand Pass

A favorite for many off-trail travelers who enjoy walks along flower-filled ridges and fewer people on the routes. This volume features routes up Sinopah Mountain and Rising Wolf Mountain.

Volume 3: The Northern Highline, Lake McDonald and, Sperry Glacier Basin.

We hated to neglect the west side of the park and deliver with this volume.  Climb the classics with this volume. Heavens Peak and Iceberg Peak are two peaks featured in this guidebook.

Volume 4: The Many Glacier Valley

We are super excited about this volume. Many of the climbs in this volume are classics and we enjoyed our time climbing these routes. Routes to Allen Mountain and Grinnell Point are just two of the classics featured in this book.

Volume 5: St Mary, Cutbank Creek, and Marias Pass

There were plans in the works to have this book out in the spring of 2016, but … there were huge fires in Glacier in the summer of 2015 which closed the St. Mary Valley as well as Cutbank Creek Valley for most of the summer. We got some of the peaks done but have about 14 more to finish in the summer of 2016. This volume will be ready in the spring of 2017.

Update August 24, 2016: We now have two more days of climbing to complete this volume.

Volume 6: Glacier’s Best Day Climbs

Every series should end with a best of book and this is ours. Will your favorite climbs make it into the top 16 or will you be surprised? Contact Blake to let him know what your top climbs are in Glacier National Park.

This has a planned release date of spring of 2018.