Go Explore Glacier

We enjoy off-trail travel in Glacier National Park and there is plenty of off-trail goodness for all levels of ability from beginner to advanced.

Glacier has options for just the amount of challenge you want for an epic day.

If you have never traveled off-trail before consider:

  • Ahern Peak (Volume 3)
  • Altyn Peak (Volume 4)
  • Angel Wing (Volume 4)
  • Appistoki Peak (Volume 2)
  • Calf Robe Mountain (Volume 2)
  • Cataract Mountain (Volume 1)
  • Haystack Butte (Volume 1)
  • Lincoln Peak (Volume 3)
  • Mount Helen (Volume 2)
  • Mount Henkel (Volume 4)
  • Mount Oberlin (Volume 1)
  • Medicine Peak (Volume 2)
  • Piegan Mountain (Volume 1)
  • Red Crow Mountain (Volume 2)

These peaks are “walk-ups.”  This means that there is little need to even touch the ground with your hands. This does not mean that they are necessarily easy. Some require a great distance to reach the summit. Others are quite close to a trailhead or road.

If that is too intimidating consider reach one of the peaks with a trail all the way to the summit or to a lookout.

  • Apgar Lookout (Volume 3)
  • Mount Brown Lookout (Volume 3)
  • Huckleberry Lookout (Volume 3)
  • Swiftcurrent Lookout (Volume 3)

Want to be challenged physically and have an epic day?

Look for peaks that are rated CHALLENGING or  ARDUOUS.

Some of our favorites in this category include:

  • Grizzly Mountain (Volume 2)
  • Lone Walker Mountain (Volume 2)
  • Edwards Mountain (Volume 3)
  • Gunsight Mountain (Volume 3)
  • Mount Vaught (Volume 3)
  • Going-to-the-Sun Mountain (Volume 1)
  • Mount Siyeh (Volume 1)
  • Grinnell Mountain (Volume 4)
  • Crowfeet Mountain to Mount Henkel (Volume 4)
  • Allen Mountain (Volume 4)
  • Heavens Peak (Volume 3)

Glacier has six 10,000 foot plus peaks.

Climb Glacier National Park will have routes to two of these spectacular peaks’

  • Let us lead you to the summit of Mount Siyeh, which is found in Volume 1.
  • A route for Mount Jackson will be found in Volume 5  (scheduled released for spring 2017).