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We feel it is important to not only provide a great guidebook for climbing in Glacier National Park.  We think we have a great product and are excited you are considering using it to climb in Glacier National Park!

We also think it is important to provide opportunities to learn more about climbing, equipment, techniques, and other information about Glacier National Park before you visit this great place.

A wide variety of people will be contributing to this area that we are calling the:


I am not a professional videographer.  This video is uncut and unedited.  You will hear background noise because most of the video was shot on site where the presenter works.

It is our hope that the videos here will serve as a reference for you as you plan your trip to Glacier National Park.

We have a variety of contributors so you just don’t hear our opinion about gear, techniques and safety tips.  Their views on equipment are based upon personal experience and their training.

So spend some time and browse the selection:

The link will open on the Education blog page.

Climbing Helmets

Jandy Cox from Rocky Mountain Outfitter in Kalispell discusses the styles of helmets as well as how to make sure your climbing helmet fits properly.

Climb Glacier Education Series: Surviving in Glacier National Park

An excerpt from the article Surviving Glacier National Park by Scott Burry that was featured in Volumes 1 and 2 of the Climb Glacier Series.

Climb Glacier Education Series: Difficulty Rating System

So you want to go out and get off-trail in Glacier National Park but are unsure of what the terrain looks like.

You also wonder if you can handle it?

This blog will help you decide what you can handle when you get here.


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